My name is Kristin Longacre and I am a photographer in her thirties. I spend my days working as an SEM Strategist and my evenings as a photographer, mommy and wife.

I have always had a love of taking photos. From sunsets to friends spending time together I have loved every minute of it. I like to say I inherited my love of photography from my Grandfather who was a hobby photographer for most of his life. I enjoy looking through his photos and look forward to the day I can have a wall full of photos we both took.

10 Fun Facts About Me:

1. I'm a proud boy mom.

2. I grew up in Toledo, OH and moved to Indiana for college.

3. I found out I was graduating a year early from college and wasn't quite sure what to do next in life so I stayed in Valparaiso.

4. In junior high & high school gymnastics was my life.

5. I was never very good at gymnastics but the memories I have from it will forever be there!

6. I coached gymnastics on and off for six years.

7. I used to design websites for USA Gymnastics national team members. Including Olympic Champion Paul Hamm and his twin brother Morgan.

8. I studied abroad the summer before my senior year of high school in France.

9. I can speak French if you give me a few hours (days) to catch up and remember the language.

10. My husband & I only overlap on watching one sport together. College Basketball. It will be a crazy day in our house if Valparaiso University and Indiana University ever play each other.

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